Team “Around Victor” visited Vyborg

“Around Victor” took part in the competition program of the Vyborg Russian Film Festival. The cartoon was presented by director Vasily Korepanov, artist Polina Merkulova, animator Maria Odintsova, producers Kirill Keychenko and Alena Sycheva.

The XXXI Russian Film Festival was held in Vyborg from 4 to 11 August 2023. During the seven days of the festival, the audience watched more than 80 films. Traditionally, competition programs were evaluated by three juries: feature, documentary and animation films.

14 films were selected for the competition of animated films, including the debut of Vasily Korepanov “Around Vitya”. On August 8, together with other members of the team, he presented his work to the guests and participants of the review.

The screening was followed by a discussion of animated films with the audience. The audience favorably accepted Vasily’s debut work and noted the high potential of the novice author. During the visit to the festival, the director, producers and artists of the studio not only met with the audience, but also talked with colleagues, watched and discussed animation novelties, and walked around the old Vyborg.