The series “THE ROUTE OF THE WORLDS” is included in the competition of the Suzdal Festival

The premiere of the pilot episode of the series “Road of the Worlds” took place in the competition program of the Open Russian Animated Film Festival.

The Road of the Worlds series was presented to the general public and professional audience at the key national animation festival in Suzdal. The pilot episode “In the Still Waters” was included in the competition program of the series.
In total, 12 projects were selected for the competition:

“1 episode “New Heroes” (TV series “Heroes”), 11 min., dir. Daria Rud, Jalil Rizvanov, Parovoz Animation Studio
“In the still waters” (TV series “Road of the Worlds”), 12 min., dir. Dmitry Nekrasov, Paranoid Animation Studio
“Big Laundry Day” (TV series “F.E.R.M.A. or Why Zombie Vegetables Are Hunting My Uncle?”), 11 min. 51 sec., dir. Nail Mubinov, Film Company Master-Film LLC
“Legendary Hurricane” (TV series “Pugashki”), 10 min. 21 sec., dir. Savva Golubkov, Studio Red Carpet LLC
“The Bat and the Toad” (TV series “Tales of Sakhalin”), 9 min., dir. Sergei Kiatrov, Association “Tatarmultfilm”
“Trap for the voice” (TV series “Umka”), 7 min., dir. Daniil Voropay, SMF LLC
“Martyshkin Goal” (TV series “Martyshkins”), 7 min., dir. Olga Mikhaleva, SMF LLC
“Series “Own Way” (TV series “Team Match”), 7 min. 3 sec., dir. Alexander Vorobyov, Animation Factory “Yarko”
“Washing” (TV series “Misha, my special child”), 1 min. 50 sec., dir. Maria Dronfort, Skazka Animation Studio
“Treat for the hedgehog” (TV series “Asya and Vasya”), 5 min. 14 sec., dir. Polina Nikiforova, Sofiko Badalova, Aeroplan JSC
“Bus” (TV series “Tsvetnyashki”), 5 min. 53 sec., dir. Gayane Okhota, Platoshka Animation Studio
“Egg” (TV series “DinoCity”), 5 min., dir. Marina Moshkova, Alexander Efremov, Alexander Kolesnik, DinozavRiki Production LLC

In Suzdal, a large creative team of artists and animators, led by producers Alena Sychev and Kirill Kiychenko, presented their work. 28 ORFAC was held in Suzdal from 15 to 20 March 2023.