At the end of 2022, the production of two series of the Road of the Worlds project was completed. In December, a private screening was held for members of the film crew. Viewers will be able to watch the series at film festivals.

During the year, the creative team of the studio produced two episodes of “The Road of the Worlds”, 12 minutes each. The series tells about the adventures of two antagonistic pairs of heroes. They travel along the Road of the Worlds – a huge transport artery of the Universe, along which there are windows to different worlds. The stern warrior Koala and the impudent youth of the Birds overcome many dangers, inexplicable and mysterious phenomena, absurd situations in order to charge the Universal Key in different worlds. A fully charged artifact will allow you to return the earthly world destroyed by them. In their wake is the thief Astra, who, together with the villain Trianguloid, wants to take possession of the Key. Sometimes they come into open hostility with each other, sometimes they unite to confront more powerful forces.

The first series, “The Key to All Worlds,” introduces the heroes and tells how they ended up on the Road of the Worlds. Astra steals the Master Key from the earth’s vault, but is detained by a guard along with the dispatcher. During the brawl, the guard shoots the key, causing it to collapse. The Guardian, who turned into a Koala, and the dispatcher, who became a Birdy, find themselves on the Road of the Worlds in front of a closed Earth window. To return home, they need to charge the Key in different worlds.

In the episode “Still waters run deep”, Koala manages to fully charge the Key, but the awakened warrior giants rush to the Road and force Koala to seal the window. Koala and Birdy escape to another world, the inhabitants of which lower their old people into a deadly apparatus. Koala decides to save the unfortunate, but then a giant appears who breaks the apparatus. The natives are in despair: the apparatus allowed them to be reborn. Koala sacrifices a key charge to restore the broken harmony of the world. In the bible of the project, this series is the ninth in a row and is a typical adventure in which all the main characters, two worlds and the Road of the Worlds appear.

In mid-December, a closed screening of these two episodes was held in Moscow for members of the project’s film crew. The pilot episodes will be shown to the audience on festival movie screens in 2023.