More than a hundred Russian films and TV series were presented on the Japanese content market TIFFCOM, including Paranoid Animation Studio’s projects  “Route of the Worlds” and “Around Victor”.

From October 25 to 27, one of the largest Asian content markets TIFFCOM Online 2022 was held as part of the 35th Tokyo International Film Festival. For the first time, Russian film and animation companies took part in the market under the single brand Russian Content Worldwide, organized by Roskino.

Among the films presented to international content buyers are the action-packed thriller Who’s There?, the fantasy film Eterna: Part One, the high-budget fantasy drama Mira, the series Offline, Trigger, Chimera, Alice can’t wait, as well as science documentaries and animation.

For Russian animation companies, the Asian region has always been one of the key ones, and a number of projects from leading animation companies in Russia were presented to the Japanese market by TIFFCOM. “Soyuzmultfilm” will present the series “Just you wait! Holidays”, “Monsiki”, “Secrets of the Honey Valley”, “Peter and the Wolf”, “Captain Kraken”. Riki Group showed international buyers the Fixies, Bodo Borodo: Journeys, Tim and Tom, Malyshariki projects. Also, their projects under the Russian Content Worldwide brand were presented by Amex Media, Krasny Kvadrat, Irida Film Company, Platoshka, Vish Media, Red Carpet Studio, Voronezh Animation Studio, Digital Television Media Holding, PRAD-Media, Pimanov & Partners, Bubblegum Production, KION and Paranoid Animation Studio.